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We walk the earth gobbling up energy, feeding…

Stress, bills, family, and no time left for you

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He wakes up exhausted.
The weary man.
Crawling out of bed fatigued.
He walks, drained down the hall, to the kitchen for his morning coffee.
Glancing out the window, worn out from yesterday.
He takes a bored drink, feeling lethargic.

The phone rings a sleepy tone.
He is burdened to answer.

“You’re scheduled to work today! Where are you?” An angry manager blasts in his ear.

Wiped out, he hangs up the phone.
Sets it down, overwhelmed he takes a sip from his mug.

The phone berates him again.
Burned out, he hurls the phone against a solid kitchen wall.
Splintering thousands…

Invest in beginning your day, even if there is no time.

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Take your medicine,
with chicken and a waffle.
Supplements and pills.

Breaking your night’s fast,
wanting something quick, that sticks.
No time left to eat.

Skip out on a meal,
rushing to sit in your car.
Work’s urgent to meet.

You used to drink juice.
Prepared yummy nutrition.
Temptations prevail.

A slave to the race,
craving that beckon call food,
with processed cheese glue.

Don’t exit too late!
Windows hand out bags of fun,
feeding your child’s face.

Remember being young,
enjoying berries and juice,
packed with energy.

Sandwich sausage bite,
flavors crack open pores.
Lazy drug’s delight.

Still running…

The transition from August heat to September’s shortening days

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Remember summer,
when days lasted until dawn,
splashing in the grass.

Children having fun.
Drinking an orange morning,
listening, birds wake.

Relaxing with friends,
making plans for our escape.
It’s never too late.

We checked on the maps.
Roads, we had to discover,
getting lost, living.

Remember summer,
when kissed by a blue lake,
feeling a warm sun.

Swimsuits without shame,
laughing, spraying me with water,
eating sticky fruit.

The sun goes away.
Leaves take it’s departing glow,
bright colors to show.

The night’s cold reach grows.
We say goodbye to summer.
Hello to the snow!

copyright CMad Poet 2021

Christopher Madsen, author of the Limerick books:

Choices faced each day result from a death or a life.

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I’m caught in between.
My realities projections,
floating in water.

I fly in the dream.
Above electric mountains,
folding under sky.

I am suspended.
Alone, separate from breath,
living in my mind.

Infinite choices,
possible worlds to explore,
I glide in the dark.

Break to the surface,
breathing life’s connected cord.
I am joined again.

Stay in the darkness.
Inhaling dreams of my death.
I drift to the floor.

Endless decisions,
controlled possibilities,
lost in our ocean.

copyright CMad Poet 2021

Christopher Madsen, author of the Limerick books:

Ice Cream for Breakfast on Mondays and Tacos for Brunch on Tuesdays

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Walking with a fear is to peak under…

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The symbiotic relationship with our bacteria masters.

CMad Poet

Writer and Philosopher Poet masquerading as a blue collar worker. Check out my author page at

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