We’re lonely souls in search of another

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Spirits in trance,
souls do their dance.

Alone coldness of night,
amidst our feelings held tight.

Lovers will run, together til dawn.
Nothing to share, emotions we bare.

Fear creeps back in,
separation again.

Loneliness fills space,
solo dancing in place.

Safe in our cage,
locked beyond vulnerable rage.


Adult costumes get discard within a partnership

Photo by Anne Hoang on Unsplash

I’m off in my head,
imagining your form,
performing lust’s porn.

Each animal thrust
a taboo door I explore
empty in our bed.

You’re in my mind,
exploited with fantasy.
My slut puppet whore.

Your bodies a tool,
I focus on sensation.
Break eruption’s peak.

Selfish, I quicken,
climbing a…

The Kai Malo’o beach cliffs inadvertent camping adventure.

Photo by Chris Thompson on Unsplash

“I don’t think we planned this very well,” Jess said, ignoring a vast ocean paradise vista, pointing to the setting sun.
We hiked into the Poina forest five miles with a pack full of bedding and two hammocks. We crossed over crystal streams, passed along enchanted waterfalls, and listened to birds…

Thinking over the last 50 years of my life, changing, growing, and finding myself.

Photo by Pierre-Alain Picard on Unsplash

Half-Centurion opened eyes,
burnt your youth with a passionate fire.
Year’s crept over fertile ground.

You believed temptation’s selfish sound.
Then you struggled to retire,
laboring to understand the wise.

Time has expired on your way.
Chasing visions of the light we made.
Treasures you left in the past.


The shift from income to survive to income to live.

Photo by Nicholas Ng on Unsplash

I’ve hoarded fortune,
suppressing its energy,
afraid to let go.

Captured coins in jars,
preventing natural flow.
Padlock abundance.

My time is exchanged
for silver tokens to grow.
Income for the show.

Scarcities trama,
existing for virtual bills.
I keep a small stack.

I can’t buy you that!
Clogging fortune’s ebb…

A connection we share that is spoken in silence.

Photo by Leanne Fisher on Unsplash

Lovable and fat
Heart-melting bundle of joy
protect you from harm.

I see your question.
Fearing what others have done.
Trust, I can’t do wrong.

You’re vulnerable,
bathing in the open sun,
caught unguarded.

I am a stranger.
But we have a connection.
I am familiar.

You roll to your…

When strength is dismissed out of ignorance.

Photo by Tasha Jolley on Unsplash

Listen without speech,
hear my message with kindness,
remain in silence.

Do my stories lie?
Keep from being defensive,
stop asking me why.

I know my full worth,
no need for selfish pity.
I have self respect.

Earned with my own choice.
Granted by others for show. …

Meditation can answer personal questions

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

We’re born into flesh.
Then drilled with reality,
controlling our dream.

Dreamer’s ask questions.
Then shamed into suppression,
following blind paths.

They hold down our gifts.
Pathfinders see either way,
remembering past.

The one is silence.
Listen in the space between
a heartbeat and breath.

Your mind will revolt.
It will…

CMad Poet

A blue collar poet describing nonsense with words. Hoping to speak some truth, encrypted in lines, to be digested as fun bite sized stories.

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